The Flevoparkbad is a great outdoor swimmingpool in Amsterdam!
2,5 acres (4 hectare) of parkland with an Olympic sized (50 meter) pool for swimming laps or training (150 cm-350 cm deep), an equally sized shallow pool (40 cm-150 cm deep) for children and a special pool for toddlers.
The water is heated. Large meadows for sunbathing or relaxing in the shade of trees, playground, sport facilities, and a cafetaria. Plenty of lockers to leave your valuables.
Be welcome and enjoy!

The Friends of Flevoparkbad (Vrienden van het Flevoparkbad) aim to preserve this pool as an public open air swimming pool. That’s what this website is about. The owner, the city of Amsterdam has recently changed its mind on closing down the pool and selling off the grounds for profit thanks to the activities of the Friends. We discovered and could explain that the so called “loss” on the pool was exaggerated. And to be frank: isn’t this just a lovely green area that’s worth preserving? We invested enormous effort and that achieved results: the local government has chosen to invest in the pool to improve it after years of neglect. We could prove to the local governement  that the Flevoparkbad has a lot of fans. Yet the future of the Flevoparkbad as an open air swimming pool is not secured. If you are a fan too, as we hope, whether you are a tourist or an expat, let us know.
If you support us please like us at our facebook (the last news and activities in Dutch)or adress us with whatever question or comment on our email adress

Practical information 2017 ( update 2018 will follow in april 2018, first openingday april 28, 2018): 

        • Price: adults (16-65) € 3,35; children (3-15) € 3,25, children (0-2) free entrance; senior visitors (>65) € 2,60.  End-of-day reduction: €1,65 if you enter the pool 1,5 hours before closing time.
        • Season ticket (online for sale) (“seizoenskaart”)  Special discount offer when bought before april 21 2017,  (see official website , in Dutch  “tarieven Flevoparkbad”)
        • Regular opening hours: 10.00 a.m.-5.30 p.m.. On days with temperature over 25 C open till 7 p.m. Tickets available until 30 minutes before closing time. In the weekends: Opening 10.00 a.m. and closing at 5.30 p.m.
        • Outside regular opening hours: lane-swimming 6.30 a.m.-9.30 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.-20.00 p.m. with membership (€10) more info(in English) here
        • Adress: Insulindeweg 1002, 1095 DH, Amsterdam
        • Open: 24 april-3  september 2017 (will be prolonged if the weather is warm)
        • Public transport: Tram 14 and 7 (stop Flevopark) bus 37 (stop Insulindeweg)
        • Car: parking space is scarse and €2,40 an hour. At sundays free.
        • Telephone (office hours): Tel. (020) 692 5030. If not answered, try the general information number of the City of Amsterdam 14 020 (calling from Amsterdam), from abroad  +31 20 624 1111
        • Lost&found, general questions to the swimming pools owner: sport@amsterdam.nl
        • Official information (in Dutch) from the pools owner: the city of Amsterdam: Please check for current information (such as opening times)
        • google maps

(please note that the adress Zeeburgerdijk 630 is wrong: the city has changed the name of the street to insulindeweg 1002)

And even more possibilities:
Extra swimming hours with membership: Mornings: Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday: 06.30 am.. – 09.30 a.m; Evenings: Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday: 6.30 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. check Vereniging Flevoparkbad  (in English) they offer 10% discount till april 21 2017 on the Season ticket subscription that can be bought online in combination with membership.
Swimfantastic offers courses  to improve your swimming technique  (May thru August). Also private lessons. Information in English

Zwemvereniging ‘t Y: General swimming association: Waterpolo monday/ thursdaynight 19.30 (information in Dutch)

Students assocciations:  diving and waterpolo JAWS: (information in English) on thursdays and ASV spons  (information in Dutch) also on thursdays

Canoe Club Zeeburg: clinics for youth members in Flevoparkbad on Thursdays(information in Dutch)